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Our standard windows are double-paned, low-e Argon, vinyl insulated windows. If you are looking for super efficiency, windows installed on the north side of the house should be low-E Argon, triple glazed windows. The north side of the house receives the least exposure to the sun and therefore the triple glazed windows retain the heat generated from the home’s internal heating system within the home.

Double glazed, low-E Argon windows should be installed on the south, east, and west sides of the home to maintain the airtight envelope while taking advantage of solar heat entering the home through these windows. The south side of the home receives the most exposure to the sun throughout the day, therefore its always collecting and retaining heat from the sun.

The outer edges of the windows should always be sealed with an aerosol spray foam that expands inside the crevices to ensure the home maintains and air-tight envelope.

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