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Better Building

Building Green and R-2000

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:

Denim Homes knows how to design and build homes that use very little energy. The shape, orientation, layout of rooms, and windows all affect the energy efficiency of the home. These should be the first things to consider if you want a super energy efficient home.

Attention to Assembly

Every assembly of the home must be considered. The details within such as the foundation, floors, and walls are important. How these details connect and interact with each other is just as important. The envelope of a home should be the second item considered when designing a home.

Environmentally Sustainable Building Practices

Both you and the environment have to coexist in the home you build. We strive to use building products that would be healthy for you, and the environment.

Clean Indoor Air

When building energy efficient homes, the building envelope becomes super air-tight. If appropriate products are not used, the air quality within the home can become toxic. Using products that do not off-gas or have low VOC emissions is very important.

Energy Savings

Want a house that stretches your heating dollars further? The secret? – energy efficiency that is “designed in”, and not “added on.”

R2000 Certified

R-2000 homes are energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. R-2000 homes are extraordinary homes, built to demanding standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality that far surpass others. Every R-2000 home is designed, built, tested and certified to meet exacting technical standards that exceed current Canadian building codes. A unique blend of technology and craft, R-2000 homes are environmentally friendly and offer significant energy savings, health and comfort advantages.

Peace of Mind

R-2000 certified homes go through a demanding certification process. Only trained and licensed builders can build them. Furthermore, every R-2000 certified home is subject to independent inspections and tests that conventional homes don’t receive. The R-2000 certificate is government backed and supported as your proof.

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