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Air Source Heat Pumps

This versatile and energy efficient system will heat your home during the winter months and cool it in the summer.

It is a closed system; meaning that fresh air is only circulated through the homes via the heat recovery ventilator, that continuously re-circulates air. It is comprised of a heat exchanger, refrigeration compressor, and a ventilation system. The system utilizes a refrigeration compressor to heat and cool the heat exchanger because it has the ability to heat in subzero temperatures. The heat exchanger sustains the optimum operating temperature by an outdoor unit that passes fresh air over the heating coil.

In the winter, the warm air is dispersed throughout the house to the desired temperature of the occupant. In the summer, the system runs in reverse and the outside air is cooled by the heat exchanger.

Once the air is adjusted to the desired temperature, it is carried throughout the home using a high-efficiency ventilation fan and a series of ventilation pipes. A digital programmable thermostat controls the temperature.

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