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Ageing in Place

As more homeowners from the baby boomer era are retiring and choose to stay in the homes well into their golden years, many are opting to purchase or build retirement homes instead of occupying assisted living facilities. While this trend continues to grow amongst our aging population, another trend is taking place in the residential construction industry to help accommodate this shift in needs.

Presently there is a rise in the number of homes that are designed to grant all of the owner’s needs for the future. Many designs are following open concept models with a large open space and wider hallways. Some homes are built to accommodate the homeowner’s needs on a single level, others have space for elevators and stair-lift systems, while some have more subtle features such as lever handles on doors and push button switches.

While many of these homes are designed to facilitate the needs of aging Nova Scotian’s, some support systems can be quite costly if included after the constructions phase. One of the most effective ways to make the best use of pension dollars in to invest in energy efficient home construction.

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